Global Supply Chain

MicroRam’s mission is to provide global supply chain solutions built on quality and value. Our goals are to reduce total acquisition costs, shorten lead times, and mitigate risk while leveraging all sectors of the global electronics market.

  • OCM (Original Chip Manufacturer) – Combining supply solutions ranging from our authorized lines to over 85 direct global manufacturers ensures supply diversity for every size customer


  • Global Franchised Distribution – Never has it been so important to provide traceability and quality in the electronics supply chain. Our partnerships with strategic global franchised distribution gives the customer global coverage, unmatched quality, and competitive pricing in times of shortage as well as surplus


  • OEM/ EMS Inventory Partnership Programs – From consignment to exclusive supply agreements, this supply segment is a staple for providing customers with traceable product at competitive pricing. Our worldwide network of OEM and EMS active and excess inventory has eliminated line down situations and extended substantial cost savings to customers of any size


  • Qualified Spot Market Partners – Microram’s revolutionary Supplier Rating System and network of qualified independent partners continues to deliver quality and value to our global customers. Our IDEA certified inspectors and PartGuard Quality System offer another layer of product protection and peace of mind when sourcing from the open market. Microram is a master of the open market supply segment.

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