Company Profile

Established in 1991, MicroRam is an ISO9001:2015, IDEA-1010 certified, distributor of electronic and computer components. MicroRam is a trusted supplier of quality products and services to our customer base of [OEM], [EMS], [ODM] and electronic distributors.

MicroRam’s mission is to provide global supply chain solutions built on quality and value. Our goals are to reduce total acquisition costs, shorten lead times, and mitigate risk while leveraging all sectors of the global electronics market. MicroRam’s global footprint provides the customer with supply and local sales support in all key regions of the world.

MicroRam is committed to providing certified quality product through our proprietary PartGuard system. Our fanatical approach to quality has led us to gain all relevant certifications and assist in the development of several new industry initiatives.

Thank You in advance for choosing us as your strategic partner.

The MicroRam Team

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