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Established in 1991, MicroRam is an ISO9001:2015, IDEA-1010 certified, Hybrid Distributor of electronic and computer components. MicroRam is a trusted supplier of quality products and services to our customer base of [OEM], [EMS], [ODM] and electronic distributors. MicroRam prides itself on Global Supply Chain Solutions built on Quality & Value.


ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120:2016

The most widely recognized standard is the ISO 9000 series, a basic quality management system that can be used in industries of any size, anywhere in the world. Registration to ISO 9001:2015 (or other quality standard) provides objective proof that a business has implemented an effective quality management system, and that it satisfies all of the requirements of the applicable standard.
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ESD S20.20

Development of an Electrostatic Discharge Control Program covers the requirements necessary to design, establish, implement, and maintain an ESD control program to protect electrical or electronic parts, assemblies and equipment susceptible to ESD damage from Human Body Model (HBM) discharges greater than or equal to 100 volts.
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The Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) is a non-profit trade association representing quality and ethically oriented independent distributors of electronic components. The purpose of IDEA is to promote the independent distribution industry through a media advocacy campaign, to improve the quality of products and services through a quality certification program, educational seminars, and conferences, and to promote the study, development, and implementation of techniques and methods designed to improve the business of independent distributors. This is an elite group with less than 40 member organizations.
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The individual for whom this certificate is assigned has demonstrated inspection knowledge, experience, and the ability to successfully locate standards, references, and specification information as needed to fulfill the basic inspection activities of electronic components in the independent distribution market.Each IDEA-ICE-3000 Certified Professional Inspector is tested on on the following standards, among many other facets of inspection: IDEA-SG-2020, IDEA-STD-1010, IPC-DVD-77, ANSI/ESD-S-20.20, IPC-DRM-18, IPC/EIA, J-STD-002, JESD22-B102, IPC-JEDEC, J-STD-020, IPC-JEDEC, J-STD-033, JEP113, J-STD-609


This commercial Standard has been developed to standardize specific Quality Management System (QMS) requirements for Independent Distributors of electronic components in the Open Market. These requirements serve to address many of the typically specific concerns of and within the Independent Distribution Industry as well as its unique business models to ensure quality and customer satisfaction not addressed in other QMS standards.

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ERAI is a privately held global information services organization that monitors, investigates and reports issues that are affecting the global supply chain of electronics. Since 1995, ERAI has been the industry's primary reporting and investigation service, providing information and risk mitigation solutions to electronics professionals worldwide. ERAI is comprised of Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Distributors (franchised and independent), Contract Manufacturers (CMs), government agencies and associations serving the industry.
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Minority Business Certification is the process that a business enterprise claming to be a minority owned business must undergo to verify the company's 51% ownership by a minority or group of minorities that are US-citizens, and owned, managed and operated on a daily basis by the minority of group of minority owners.
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GIDEP is a cooperative activity between government and industry participants seeking to reduce or eliminate expenditures of resources by sharing technical information essential during research, design, development, production and operational phases of the life cycle of systems, facilities and equipment.




MicroRam is assisting to develop the AS6081 certification. AS6081standardizes requirements, practices, and methods related to: supplier management, procurement, inspection, test/evaluation, and response strategies when suspect or confirmed counterfeit electronic parts are discovered. AS6081 will be the recognized standard for all electronics distribution in the near future.


PartGuard is MicroRam's proprietary quality system. PartGuard takes quality beyond the visual based inspection process of IDEA-1010A. Third party testing on components without verifiable traceability is the added layer that the PartGuard process focuses on.


To fight the growing threat of counterfeiting and piracy to the economy, jobs, and consumer health and safety, the business community, led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Global Intellectual Property Center, organized itself through a broad-based business coalition, the Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP).

Formed in 2004, the CACP has grown to more than 700 members, making it the largest business coalition of its kind. The coalition is committed to increasing the understanding of the negative impact of counterfeiting and piracy and to finding real solutions by working with governments, industry, opinion leaders, the media, and consumers. This year, the CACP is focusing on a few primary goals, which we believe will make a measurable impact in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.


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